Life Record Aug.6th 2020

It’s Aug.6th 2020 23:19 EST, after several months I finally come back to my website. As the title said, these posts will not be interesting and great(since for some strange reason grammarly can not work on WordPress page so I expect to have a lot of grammar mistakes and typos, but anyway, that’s not important at all.)

One of the biggest reason for me to come back to my website is that I want to motivate myself by recording almost everything around me so that I would not waste my time on some meaningless things.

So my new life start right now: 23:23 (what a wonderful time) Aug.6th 2020.

The first thing I need to do is that I need to finish the MATH20D and lectures. Should not be difficult at all but just need some time in it. Ok. To be honest, it is really difficult to start because I find that I need to prepare the water and this and that. Anyway, after I get water from downstairs, I will gonna to ace all the lectures and all the homework in 3 and half hours.

Let’s go!

23:28 get the water and back to the table, should start studying shortly.

23:32 downloaded the PPT and video. Printing the PPTs.

23:40 Printing take longer than I thought, should be something wrong with google chrome though.

00:36 I finished the lecture. However, I am not 100% sure about what I learned. Anyway, Time to finished the homework.

02:09 Finished all the questions. Time to relax a little bit.

Btw, time to stop a little bit and think about wtf should I do for the CSE20.

02:12 checking CSE20 syllabus in order to make sure that I will not miss any assignment or quizzes.

02:19 I am safe until Aug.9th 3.00am(Sunday morning) and today is Friday so I guess my plan for tomorrow is just to catch up all the lectures for CSE20 and finish its homework.

02:31 Emptiness has refilled my heart. I kind of finished all the tasks I have today but I do not think it’s time to go to bed yet and to be honest, I have no idea what I should do. The only thing that I know is that I do not want to sleep yet.

02:36 I attempt to open YouTube. Closed

02:38 Decided to find and download some T resources.

02:58 Have already trash talked on some stupid social media for almost 20 minutes. Time to heat up hot dogs!

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