Programmer‘s Diary 01/03/20

Python says that she does not like me

Today is the first Friday in 2020. The weather is cloudy(What a Nice weather WOW). If you are lucky enough to have a chance to read today’s Chinese version diary, you’ll know that I wrote a lot of sh**tty stuff of what happened this morning, which I do not want to rewrite it again.

After I came back home, I decided to fight with Python. Let me tell you why I hate python so much before I officially start to write my diary. First, python is the first programming language for me and I learned it in my primary school when I know only a little bit of English word and nothing about programming. I remembered that I tried a lot to try to understand Python and you know, it’s really difficult. In other words, Python is the experience that I do not even want to think about. Secondly, in the past few years, I tried several times to install Python on my Pc but it seems it does not work. I was so confused about the Python IDE and the Python environment.

Anyway, today, me, CHENNIGHT, is going to conquer this problem.

My Goal today: install Python environment or IDE or whatever and install you-get in Python and then use you-get to download some videos from Youtube.

First Step: Ask Youtube: how to download through pip

And then I found this useful video

And actually it works pretty well. :>

And after I got this, I am gonna install you-get. Just google “you-get” and I think I can find the official website or the official GitHub website.

Here is what I found on the official GitHub website(ignore that I visit the Chinese Version). It seems that I can just simply use pip in cmd to install you-get.

Installed successfully. (Btw, why they put$ before “pip3 install you-get”)

And I am gonna learn how to use you-get. I should be able to find some useful information on the previous website.

At this time, I met the first problem. While I am trying to find some information that can tell me how to use you-get, I find I forget a really important thing.

you-get requires FFmpeg

I used FFmpeg before when I used youtube-dl. But at the time when I use youtube-dl, I did not download it through pip, I downloaded the .exe file and what I need to do is just put three FFmpeg files into the folder which has youtube-dl.exe. This time I used pip to download you-get and where should I put FFmpeg? The website does not tell me anything about it. (-1 star on you github project)

When we have problems, what should we do? Ask Youtube.

And…. Did not find anything useful. I tried to download directly through you-get and this is what happened.

CMD told me that”you-get” is neither a command nor exe

I remembered I have this kind of problems before but it seems too difficult to solve so that I gave up. I hope I will not give up this time.

It’s almost an hour later. I finally find what’s happened. I did not add the directory of you-get in to my Path Variable. After I fixed this problem, I find another one. Youtube-dl and you-get can not work properly and the reasons are unknown.

And I am done again. I hate Python. I give up.

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